Step Up to the ‘New Normal’ – Avoid Post-Pandemic Pandemonium

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The effect the COVID pandemic has had on freight, customs broking and logistics companies needs no explanation. As companies try to find their footing they are definitely going to struggle. Expecting things to return to the old ways is sheer folly. If companies do not adapt there will be a lot of confusion and mistakes that can cost the business dearly. It would be really interesting to see how companies step up to the so-called ‘new normal’.


What then is the most important lesson to be learnt here? Make technologies work for you! Companies need to put considerable thought to their technology preparedness. We are not talking about simple automation. Yes, most companies have automated their business but the question is, is this enough?


Many companies are strongly considering adopting full or partial work-from-home in their future business strategy; some have already implemented it. Remote working will definitely be a part of the future business scenario. Freight, customs broking and logistics companies may do well to consider if the current automation level is enough to achieve the same level of efficiency as before.


The manner in which employees and partners like carriers, ports, banks and agencies interact and collaborate has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Technology has to emulate the kind of personal interaction and collaboration that businesses are used to. In fact, technology has to take it up several notches. Digitizing business work processes is the need of the times.


The right technology can ensure a strong and robust work process that will help companies run their business effortlessly and flawlessly under the new normal. Technology taking over everyday business is essential to avoid post-pandemic pandemonium. Freight, customs broking and logistics companies need to step up to the new normal and make use of the right technology to get desired results for their businesses.