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Port of Singapore unveils ‘smart’ initiatives promoting 4G technology

Port_of_Singapore_(3777500194)Singapore is taking mobile technology use to a much higher level, unveiling on March 23 new initiatives harnessing mobile technology and wireless connectivity to enhance communications, productivity, and crew welfare at the Port of Singapore.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) during the launch of “Building a Smarter Port of Singapore” project announced its partnership with M1 Limited to provide high-bandwidth, low-cost, secured, and wireless 4G broadband access, with coverage of up to 15 kilometers from the coastline.

Under their agreement, adoption of fourth-generation mobile telecommunications technology (4G) broadband will be promoted among vessels operating within the city’s port waters. The partners will also work together on research and projects for test-bedding of new technologies that will further enhance network coverage in the port waters and benefit the Singapore maritime community.

Andrew Tan, chief executive of MPA, said, “The maritime sector is undergoing significant transformation with smarter ships, just-in-time logistics and more intelligent ports being built. As a global hub port and leading International Maritime Centre, Singapore believes that it is well-positioned to leverage on the ongoing revolution in ICT, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT).”

He added, “We envision a more inter-connected port with high-speed internet, extensive use of data analytics and innovative mobile solutions to enhance our port’s overall competitiveness.”

Toh Ah Cheong, director of technology at MPA, added that MPA and M1 had been working on a pilot trial to provide 4G broadband coverage in Singapore port waters since 2013 and this has shown positive results.

“Throughout our trial, we received highly positive feedback from shipping companies and crew from M1’s enhanced 4G network. To provide an even better customer experience, I am pleased to launch the M1 Corporate Data Pooling Plan, offering companies a more flexible and generous data bundle to share among users,” said Willis Sim, director of product development and corporate solutions at M1.

M1’s Corporate Data Pooling Plans offer corporate customers the flexibility of a shared mobile data bundle of up to 100GB, usable among authorized employees through 4G dongles or handsets, and are available immediately to ships visiting Singapore port and the local harbor craft at attractive rates.

Other initiatives introduced at the event include free WiFi services at MPA-managed terminals for members of the public. Basic WiFi services will be provided free at the Marina South Pier, Changi Point Ferry Terminal, and West Coast Pier from July 1 this year.

Another is the launch of a new mobile application “myMaritime@SG” for the maritime community and general public to conveniently access maritime information and services on their mobile phones.

A third measure is a joint call by MPA and the Singapore Shipping Association for proposals to develop apps for the maritime industry. MPA has set aside S$2 million to co-fund projects to develop innovative business-to-business (B2B) apps in areas such as enhancing maritime logistics operations, ship-to-shore communications, and remote monitoring of marine operations from shore.

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