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Longer curfew of 10pm to 4am back in place at NCR

  • 10pm to 4am curfew in effect at the National Capital Region from the previous 12 midnight to 4
  • The longer curfew hours start from July 25
  • The decision to impose longer curfew hours stemmed from the need to prevent spread of the highly transmissible Delta COVID 19 variant

The Metro Manila Council (MMC) reimposed longer curfew hours from 10 pm to 4 am at the National Capital Region beginning today (July 25).

This, after NCR was placed anew under general community quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions from July 23 to end of July to prevent the spread of the highly infectious Delta COVID-19 variant.

Under MMDA Resolution No. 21-13 Series of 2021, the 17 Metro Manila mayors agreed to adjust curfew hours from the previous 12 midnight to 4 a.m.

The COVID-19 Delta Variant is highly contagious with an R Naught, a measure of contagion or reproduction rate, of 5 to 8 “that may potentially trigger an exponential surge and local transmission in densely populated areas like the NCR,” MMDA chairman Benhur Abalos said in a press statement.

“We need to limit the movement of the public through the imposition of longer curfew hours. Since the Delta variant spreads exponentially, we should not let our guards down and implement necessary restrictions to contain the virus,” he added.

“While the Metro Manila Council recognizes the imperative to gradually and cautiously open the economy in order to increase business activities, reduce unemployment and underemployment, and promote economic growth, it is equally mindful of the paramount interests of life and health and the strict implementation of the prevent, detect, isolate, treat, and reintegrate strategies,” the resolution stated.

In its June 24 advisory, the Department of Health (DOH) recorded additional 17 new cases of Delta variant, with the total climbing to 64. Out of the new cases, 12 are local cases and 9 of them had an indicated address in NCR.

The DOH also declared an increase of COVID-19 infections in NCR in terms of growth rate, average daily attack rate, health care utilization rate, and intensive care utilization rate. The Health Department also reported on Friday that the seven-day moving average in the NCR shows signs of an increasing trend as cases in the recent week have exceeded the previous week by 179 cases.

NCR’s average daily reported cases for the week of July 16 to 22 is 797.

The MMC, composed of the 17 local government units of Metro Manila, is the governing body and policy-making body of the MMDA.


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