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XLOG collaborates with CMA CGM on digital booking

  • The XLOG platform will be utilized for CMA CGM schedules and bookings
  • One of the features offered by the platform is embedded financing, made possible through a partnership with UnionBank of the Philippines

Philippine-based shipping and logistics platform XLOG announced it has entered into a strategic collaboration with French shipping giant CMA CGM to provide a holistic solution to shippers’ transport and logistics requirements.

The end-to-end solutions platform will be utilized in making CMA CGM schedules and bookings through application programming interface on the XLOG platform.

The platform provides a complete package capable of providing a holistic solution to almost all facets of the shipping and logistics industries. It features a range of digital solutions specifically developed to cater to shipping, logistics, and forwarding services, including cash flows and financing windows.

The existing digital services of XLOG are expected to create synergy with the technological requirements of CMA CGM, enabling the ocean carrier’s customers to experience seamless transactions on the platform.

One of the most significant advantages offered by the XLOG platform is its embedded financing, made possible through the company’s partnership with UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP).

Joey Ynion, chief of operations at XLOG, describes embedded banking as “anchor financing,” which offers a seamless trading solution in the logistics space while eliminating the risk of bogus transactions.

“It’s like a community-based financing with the freight forwarders acting as the ‘anchor’,” he said. “As the anchor to the financing facility, these freight forwarders will undergo a credit assessment from UBP. The trucking firms will not be required [to undergo] any credit assessment. Once they are onboard the credit line, the forwarders can onboard all the trucking companies they work with, and in turn, the bank will automatically onboard the trucking companies [into] the system.”

Photo from XLOG


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