Technology Key to Great Customer Experience

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, Softloink Global CEO

All businesses strive to achieve operational efficiency to deliver great customer experience and logistics is no exception. The chaos and confusion that are part of everyday workings in the logistics and freight industry are a continuous threat to operational efficiency. The less said the effect of this on customers’ experience with the company, the better.


The desire of logistics and freight companies to not only to enhance their customer experience but to save time and money for the company as well is compelling them to turn to technology to automate their business. Of course technology is the remedy to this threat but it is important to make intelligent technology choice to achieve the desired goal of a great customer experience.


Advanced technology solutions like single end-to-end software make it easier for companies to boost their operational efficiency and thereby increase productivity, minimize costs and nearly eliminate human errors in the day to day operations. The single end-to-end software automates the entire logistics operations and helps in addressing not only the major challenges in the business but also the smallest of activities that have a great impact in the profitability of the business.


One of the principal benefit of a single software is the most overlooked factor while considering technology upgrade for the company. The use of single software makes for seamless automation of operations and finance allowing for both operational and cost efficiency. Financial control is as important as operational efficiency for logistics and freight companies. Cost overruns and unnecessary expenses due to delays and oversights cause a huge financial drain on companies.


The single software because of its unique advantage of providing end-to-end and seamless automation along with enterprise wide transparency is the ideal choice. Businesses can achieve full control of their entire processes using one software. The benefits from the customer point of view is also huge as they get swift, transparent and cost effective service.


The single software will prove to be beneficial not only in the long run; gains can be seen immediately in everyday business. It is for logistics and freight businesses to give considerable thought to their technology upgrade and make the intelligent choice if they wish to achieve great customer experience.