MARINA administrator Fabia resigns

MARINA administrator Fabia resigns
Resigned Maritime Industry Administrator Hernani Fabia. Photo from MARINA.
  • Hernani Fabia resigned as administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority after almost 17 months of service
  • Deputy administrator Nannette Villamor-Dinopol assumed the role of OIC until a new appointment is made
  • Fabia’s resignation is effective upon the President’s acceptance
  • MARINA assured the public it is business as usual, emphasizing continuity in operations during the leadership transition

Hernani Fabia, who served as the administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) for almost 17 months, has submitted his resignation.

Effective upon President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s acceptance, the resignation was confirmed by an inside source familiar with the matter.

The resignation letter, devoid of specific reasons for the decision, simply expressed Fabia’s desire to resign. Additionally, Fabia was notably absent from his responsibilities at MARINA as of yesterday.

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin received Fabia’s resignation letter, and although Malacañang reportedly responded on December 1, MARINA only received the official acknowledgment on December 6.

Fabia, a lawyer, is recognized in the industry for his contributions as a maritime educator and as the founder of PNTC Colleges, a prominent maritime training institution.

Despite the abrupt departure, MARINA is quick to assure the public that it is “business as usual.” Nannette Villamor-Dinopol, deputy administrator for operations and the most senior official within the agency, will temporarily step into Fabia’s shoes until a new officer-in-charge is officially appointed.

Dinopol’s appointment as OIC, sanctioned by Transport Secretary Jaime Bautista, emphasizes the need for continuity. The official document reads, “In the exigency and best interest of the service, she shall perform and discharge the functions and responsibilities pertaining to the position.”

While Fabia’s resignation comes as a surprise, no specific details surrounding the departure have been disclosed. The industry is now watching as MARINA, led by Dinapol temporarily, manages this transition period.

Fabia, known within the maritime community for his role as an educator and founder of a respected institution, leaves a lasting impact. As MARINA adapts to the leadership change, questions arise about the agency’s future direction under new management.

For now, the focus is on the smooth continuation of operations at MARINA, with Dinopol at the helm. The agency, responsible for regulating the maritime industry, remains dedicated to its core functions, ensuring that maritime activities proceed without disruption.