4 Improvements for Forwarders to Better Their Customers’ Experience

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

A positive experience has a lasting impact on us. And so does a poor one.

How customers feel after using a service determines the volume of business you can expect from them in the future. Much importance has been given to customer experience in businesses in recent times. The fact that the global customer experience market is expected to grow at 11.8% CAGR shows why companies are investing in it.

For freight companies, there are two touch points where you can influence and impress your customers. The first is how your staff or personnel interact with your customer, and the second is how your product interfaces with the customer.

Technology provides the necessary tools to empower both your staff and your customers. Trusted freight solutions bring automation and intelligent insights to better the experience for your customers. A user-friendly software interface satisfies the customer and promotes your services. From booking shipments to the final delivery, technology enables customers to be always up-to-date.

Promptly Giving Customers Needed Information

No company wants to do business if the quality of service is poor. Shippers reach out to multiple forwarders with quotations. The first forwarder to respond with an attractive quote usually gets the shipper’s business.

Digital Management of Documentation for Faster Processing

Let’s accept it: paper-based transactions are a mess when you’re dealing with hundreds of shipments. For importers and exporters, too, it can be quite a task to produce paperwork for every shipment. A cleaner and better way to manage compliance documentation is by going digital. Paperless compliance like eVGM when included with the freight management software makes lives easier for all stakeholders involved.

End-to-End Bouquet of Freight Services

Forwarders can take the opportunity to offer more services than what the customer requests initially. For instance, a shipper approaches a forwarder just for forwarding and customs clearance. But if the forwarder has a transport service available, too, it can be included in a combined package to the shipper. Freight ERP helps forwarders to scale up and upgrade their software with functional modules, including:

  • Accounting
  • Sales and Service
  • Warehousing
  • Transport

Customers that experience a complete range of services choose to trust the forwarder with future business.

Empowering Customers for Self-Tracking

Tech-savvy customers feel at ease trying to find answers themselves before raising a ticket to a forwarder’s customer support. As more traffic is being driven from mobile devices, customer-centric companies are now focusing on the mobile customer experience. Freight forwarders must enable their customers to view real-time status and track shipments at their fingertips. A mobile freight app for a dedicated view of all shipments and transactions can be a powerful tool to provide customers with a personalized experience.

Get Started on Improving Shippers’ Experience

Investing in technology to surpass customers’ experience is a surefire success strategy for freight forwarders. Integrate a seamless experience for your customers with the help of industry-trusted solutions like Logi-Sys. Use technology wisely to stand apart from the competition by creating rich customer experiences.