Domestic airfreight forwarders handle 18% less cargo in Jan-Sept

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  • Domestic freight forwarders in the Philippines saw their air cargo volumes fall 18% in January-September 2022 year-on-year
  • Preliminary data from the Civil Aeronautics Board shows only 76% of domestic air freight forwarders submitted complete data for the period
  • Direct shipments slipped 5% and consolidations fell 32%, while breakbulking grew 110%
  • AP Cargo Logistics Network remained the leading domestic airfreight forwarder in a list of 30

Domestic airfreight forwarders handled 18% less cargo in January to September this year from the same year-ago period, according to preliminary data from the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).

For the first nine months, domestic airfreight forwarders racked up 35.09 million kg of cargo from last year’s 42.69 million kg.

Only 76% submitted complete data for the latest period in review.

Direct shipments, which accounted for 59.35% of the total volume, contracted 5% to 20.82 million kg from 21.822 million kg.

Consolidations, which made up 41% of the total, plunged 32% to 14.23 million kg from 20.86 million kg.

In contrast, breakbulking grew 110% to 33,615 kg from 16,034 kg.

AP Cargo Logistics Network Corp. continued to handle the biggest share of volume with 9.56 million kg or 27.25% of the total, leading CAB’s list of top 30 domestic airfreight forwarders.

In second place was JRS Business Corp. with 3.51 million kg or a 10.01% share, followed by LBC Express Inc., 3.34 million kg (9.53%).

Ranking fourth was Lite Xpress International Inc. with 1.72 million kg (4.91%). Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo Services Inc. placed fifth with 1.68 million kg (4.79%).

2GO Express Inc. carried 1.55 million kg or 4.42% of the total to rank sixth, followed by Wide Wide World Express Corp. at seventh place with 1.49 million kg (4.23%).

In eighth place was Airfreight 2100 Inc. with 1.16 million kg (3.3%) while ASP Airspeed Philippines, Inc. handled 1.09 million kg (3.12%0, placing ninth.

Completing the top 10 was Kim Gold Cargo Logistics Inc. with 987,083 kg or 2.81% of the total.

Rounding off the top 30 domestic airfreight forwarders are Kairos Cargo Group Inc., Libcap Super Express Corp., 3PL Service Provider Philippines Inc.; Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp., Worldwide Elite Freight Forwarding Consolidation Services Inc.; Four Aces Resources Corp., Runs Cargo Solution Inc., JV Freight Consolidators Inc., Worklink Services Inc., High Light Express Philippines Corp., Entrego Express Corp., AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc., Argo International Forwarders Inc.; Fastcargo Logistics Corp., Pambato Cargo Forwarder Inc.; F2 Logistics Phils. Inc.; Vfreight Cargo Services Inc.; Trans-Global Consolidators Inc., NAF Global Inc.; and Royal Cargo Inc.

In 2021, CAB recorded 59.68 million kg air cargo handled by domestic airfreight forwarders compared to 36.769 million kg in 2020. For the 2021 data, only 82% of domestic airfreight forwarders submitted a complete report. – Roumina Pablo

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