DHL Express deploys 5th Boeing 777 freighter

DHL Express deploys 5th Boeing 777 freighter
Photo from DHL.
  • DHL Express deployed a fifth Boeing 777 freighter at the South Asia Hub in Singapore
  • This marks the culmination of a strategic collaboration with Singapore Airlines
  • The freighters, boasting a payload capacity of 1,224 tons, fortify inter-continental connectivity between the Asia Pacific region and the Americas
  • Effective from December 2023, the initiative reduces delivery times to one day for cross-border time-sensitive shipments between Asia Pacific and the US West Coast

DHL Express has deployed its fifth Boeing 777 freighter at the South Asia Hub in Singapore, reinforcing its collaboration with Singapore Airlines.

All five Boeing 777 freighters, boasting a substantial payload capacity of 1,224 tons, are now operational under Singapore Airlines, solidifying inter-continental connectivity between the Asia Pacific and the Americas, DHL Express said in a statement.

Commencing operations from December 2023, three of these freighters operate seven times a week on key routes, such as the Singapore-Bangkok/Taipei-Incheon/Nagoya-Cincinnati-Honolulu-Sydney-Singapore route.

The remaining two cover the Singapore-Nagoya-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Singapore route five times a week.

Leveraging Singapore’s strategic location as a central air cargo and logistics hub, the initiative aims to expedite cross-border time-sensitive shipments between the Asia Pacific and the U.S. West Coast, enhancing customer experience and reducing delivery times to just one day.

Ken Lee, CEO for Asia Pacific at DHL Express, underscored the robust trade flows between Asia and the United States, driven by cross-border e-commerce and trade activities. Over the past four years, shipment volume between Asia Pacific (excluding China) and the U.S. has surged by more than 20%, according to Lee.

Expressing the significance of deploying these five freighters, Lee stated, “(Deploying) these five freighters enable us to provide efficient and rapid logistics solutions for Asia Pacific shippers. Having Singapore Airlines as our partner to operate and maintain these aircraft also bolsters our customer service quality.”

The collaboration between DHL Express and Singapore Airlines were formalized in March 2022 through the Crew and Maintenance agreement. Under this agreement, Singapore Airlines oversees the operation and maintenance of the five Boeing 777 freighters deployed at the South Asia Hub. The first freighter was welcomed in August 2022.

Part of DHL Express’ order book of 28 Boeing 777 freighters since the initial purchase in 2018, the five freighters are recognized as the world’s largest, longest-range, and most capable twin-engine freighters.

Beyond their operational prowess, the Boeing 777 freighters exhibit enhanced fuel efficiency, emitting 18% less CO2 compared to legacy B747-400s, aligning with DHL Express’ commitment to sustainability.

Operating across more than 220 countries and territories, DHL Express maintains a global network comprising 18 own and partner airlines, with over 300 dedicated aircraft conducting more than 2,400 daily flights.

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