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DHL developing markets of RP trading partners

DHL Express is building markets in countries where Philippine enterprises are most active.

DHL Express chief executive officer Uwe Rolf Doerken, in a press briefing last week, said part of enhancing Philippine operations is developing markets the country has dealings with.

Doerken said DHL recently concluded a major investment in the US, the country’s top export market, by acquiring Airborne Express Inc.

“With the US being one of the Philippines’ key trading partners, this strategic move is especially relevant to DHL’s business here and will bring more value to Philippine customers with transpacific shipment needs,” he said.

Another major market, he noted, is China. DHL has invested in excess of $50 million in putting more infrastructure and service offerings in the fastest-growing market in Asia.

In the Asia Pacific, Doerken reported DHL invested around $910 million in the last two years. He said $300 million was allotted for infrastructure development projects since 2000 while $100 million is being invested into an Express Cargo Terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport.

In the Philippines, the company infused $32 million for the enhancement and expansion of DHL’s local network over the last two years. These include enhanced service centers and an upgraded domestic hub as well as other infrastructure development projects.


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