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THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) is uneasy over the performance of its key collection districts even if overall targets for April and for the first four months of the year have already been met.

Of the five major revenue-generating ports, only one – the Port of Manila – overshot its target for April with a P1.5-billion surplus. Manila’s gains offset deficits incurred by the four other ports – Limay, the Manila International Container Port (MICP), Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and Batangas.

Limay was short of its P2.17-billion target by P651 million; MICP by P287 million from P5.54 billion; NAIA by P253 million from P1.5 billion; and Batangas by P227 million from P4.79 million.

“Our targets were higher in April compared with BOC’s target collection from January to March,” Customs commissioner Napoleon Morales said.

“The performance of the five billionaire ports is vital to BOC as most imported goods are shipped through these ports,” Morales added.

Aside from Manila, the other districts that outperformed their goals include San Fernando, Iloilo, Tacloban, and Davao.

For the first four months of the year, two of the five so-called billionaire ports fell short of their targets.

Limay incurred a P500-million deficit from its P7.29-billion target while MICP was short by P30 million from its goal of P20.04 billion.

For the same period in review, Batangas port was 24% ahead of its P13.33-billion target. The Port of Manila surpassed its P12.37-billion goal by 40%; NAIA posted a 2% surplus vis-à-vis its P5.35-billion assignment.

For 2010, BOC’ collection goal is P275.68 billion. From January to April, the agency has already registered a surplus of P6.16 billion. It only failed to meet its collection target in February.

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