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cma cgmFrench shipping line CMA CGM said it will void sailings on the Far East to North Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea trade lanes starting February 4 in anticipation of reduced production in China during the Lunar New Year observation.

It added, however, that additional calls will be imposed on some of its services to make up for the removed sailings.

For the Far East-North Europe trade, five sailings on the FAL lines will be canceled.

These include, for week 6, one sailing on FAL1 and another on FAL7.

Voided is one sailing on FAL1 on board CMA CGM Christophe Colomb in Ningbo, China, on February 5. Cargo will be charged on FAL 3 on the CMA CGM Aquila with additional calls in Chiwan and Tangier.

The second abolished sailing is on FAL7 on the MSC Vega in Ningbo on February 4, with freight charged on FAL6 on the MSC Vandya with calls in Sines and Le Havre.

For week 7, there will be two aborted sailings, one for FAL2 and another for FAL7.

The cancelled FAL2 trip will be on board Mercury in Ningbo on February 12, with cargo charged on FAL1 on board CC Christophe Colomb and on FAL6 on board MSC Vandya.

The axed sailing on FAL7 in Ningbo was scheduled for February 11. Its cargo will be charged on FAL6 on board MSC Sonia, with calls in Sines, Portugal, and Le Havre, France, and on FAL1 on board CMA CGM Christophe Colomb with a call in Singapore.

On week 8, a cancelled sailing is scheduled on FAL3 on board CMA CGM Pegasus in Xingang, China, on February 13, and in Shanghai, China, on February 22.

Pegasus will sail to North China and South Korea with calls in Xingang, Dalian (China), Busan (South Korea), and Qingdao (China), with transshipment of exports on FAL1 on board CMA CGM Laperouse in Xiamen, China.

In addition, two sailings have been crossed out on the Asia-Mediterranean trade’s MEX lines.

The first is a cancelled sailing for week 07 on MEX3 on the Don Pascuale in Xiamen on February 10, charging cargo on MEX1 with additional calls in Genoa, Italy.

The second is slated for week 9 with a cancelled sailing on MEX3 on board CMA CGM Titus in Xiamen on February 24. Cargo will be charged on MEX1 with additional calls in Genoa.

Finally, on the Asia to Red Sea trade, three sailings on the REX lines have been invalidated.

For week 7, there will be a void sailing on REX2 on board Hanjin Madrid in Shanghai on February 9, another for week 8 on REX3 on board Algarrobo in Port Klang, Malaysia, on February 20, and a cancelled trip for week 9 on REX3 on board Sils in Port Klang on February 27.

In related news, CMA CGM announced a general rate restoration from Asia to New Zealand effective April 1.

The rate hike of US$300 per TEU applies to dry and reefer cargo from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to New Zealand on the ANZEX and ANZEX2 services.

Similarly, Hong Kong’s Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has announced a $300 per TEU rate increase from Asia to New Zealand starting April 1.


Photo: Glyn Lowe Photoworks

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