AC Logistics to expand cold storage footprint

GMAC Logitech Refrigeration Corp.'s cold storage facility in Bgy Tablon, Cagayan de Oro. Photo from Ayala Corp./Glacier Megafridge Inc.
  • AC Logistics Holdings Corp. plans to build additional cold storage facilities to combat the 40% spoilage rate of fresh produce in the country
  • AC Logistics previously went into a joint venture to build a cold chain a facility in Cagayan de Oro, now at 100% utilization rate

AC Logistics Holdings Corp. is eyeing the expand its cold storage facilities in order to help mitigate food spoilage, reported to be 40%, in the Philippines.

In a recent interview with ANC Channel, AC Logistics President Rene Almendras revealed the plans, highlighting the pivotal role of logistics in influencing both the spoilage rates of food and associated costs.

The company’s recent experiment involving refrigerated trucks for transporting vegetables to Metro Manila yielded a significant reduction in spoilage rates, underscoring the impact of enhanced logistics on food preservation.

In another milestone, AC Logistics ventured into the cold chain industry through a joint venture agreement with Glacier Megafridge, Inc., leading to the establishment of a cold storage facility in Tablon, Cagayan de Oro. The facility, boasting 5,348 pallet positions, is now at a 100% utilization rate.

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Almendras emphasized the need for an even larger capacity, given the overwhelming demand for storage space, indicating the pressing need for expanded cold storage infrastructure in the region.

The company’s subsidiaries, including Entrego, Air 21, U-Freight Philippines Inc., U-Ocean Inc., Cargohaus Inc., LGC Logistics Inc., Waste & Resources Management Inc., and Integrated Waste Management, reflect AC Logistics’ comprehensive approach to addressing logistical challenges across various domains.

The same focus on cold storage facilities was cited by Jaime Augusto Zobel, chairman of Ayala Corp., mother company of AC Logistics.

At the recent induction ceremony of the Management Association of the Philippines, Zobel said the group is looking at establishing more cold storage facilities: “We’ve decided to put a little focus on the logistics side of the business.”

At the same event, Zobel identified agriculture as one of the company’s investment priorities.