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Vietnam exports up 7.9% on strong electronics sales

Power5Vietnam’s total merchandise exports for the whole of 2015 rose 7.9% in value year-on-year to US$162.11 billion, according to trade statistics released by Vietnam Customs.

The commodities that fueled export growth in January-December 2015  included telephones, mobile phones, and parts (up by $6.58 billion); computers, electrical products, spare parts, and components (up by $4.18 billion); and textiles and garments (up by $1.90 billion).

Meanwhile, exports in December reached $13.73 billion, up 6.8% from the same period a year ago but down 1.1% from November 2015.

The reduction in exports in December month-on-month was mainly driven by the downturn in sales of telephones, mobile phones and parts (down by $1.06 billion); and computers, electrical products, and parts (down by $199 million).

The total value of exports by foreign direct invested traders for the whole year of 2015 was $110.59 billion, an expansion of 17.7%.

The U.S. was the biggest destination of Vietnamese products last year, with a total value of $30.4 billion, followed by China, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, in the first half of January 2016, the nation’s total exports amounted to $5.95 billion, up by 2.7% compared to the corresponding period in 2015. The growth was mostly the result of the increase in shipments of the following products: machine, equipment, tools and instruments (up by $56 million); textiles and garments (up by $54 million); and fruits and vegetables (up by $43 million).

Foreign direct invested traders shipped out $4.09 billion worth of exports in the period, an increase of 4.4% in comparison with the first half of January 2015.

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