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Truckers want lower fine for colorum operators

THE Confederation of Truckers Asso-ciation of the Philippines (CTAP) is asking the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to reduce the proposed increase in penalties for colorum trucks (those operating without franchises).

In a letter addressed to Transport Secretary Jose De Jesus, CTAP president Ruperto Bayucot described the planned penalty hike as “unreasonable”, considering the already onerous franchise application environment.

Bayucot said voluminous documentary requirements are required for a single franchise application at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). The application may also take up to two years or, worse, get lost at the LTFRB.

A soon-to-be released DOTC order will fine colorum truck owners P6,000 to P10,000 for the first apprehension, P15,000 plus suspension of driver’s license, second apprehension; and P20,000 plus suspension of driver’s license and impounding of the truck unit, third apprehension.

In addition, CTAP wants DOTC to issue an order that will recognize trailers/chassis with white plates being pulled or towed by yellow-plated trucks (those already covered by a franchise) to also be automatically covered by a franchise.

“Trailers and chassis belong to (the) Category “O” with regard to vehicle classification and it would be redundant for operators to apply a separate franchise when in fact they are just being towed,” Bayucot explained.

He said trucking operators should not be held liable for the lack of franchise of trailers/chassis which for the most part they do not own.

More than 70% of the trailers/chassis in the country are owned by shipping lines as an extended service to their client importers and exporters. The chassis/trailers are also covered by a re-export bond and may at anytime be sent by the carriers back to their mother company abroad.


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