Three Ways to Succeed in the New Normal

Amit Maheshwari
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

As we stride into the new normal brought about by Covid-19, logistics and freight companies are looking towards a new way of doing business if they follow three rules. Of course, technology will be instrumental in bring about the change logistics and freight companies are looking for but they need to be a little cautious in their approach to adopting it.


Invest in modern Cloud-based technology
First and foremost, logistics and freight companies should invest in a modern Cloud-based technology. Ideally a modern single software is the appropriate choice as it would help in seamlessly integrating the entire business processes. Having the freight forwarding, accounting and billing, finance, 3PL/4PL logistics operations, warehouse and transport management all under one platform is the need of the times. And this is possible with a modern single software.


Digital documentation and compliance become easy with a modern single software with online portal integrations. Visibility and controls for management with real-time reports and analysis allow for greater transparency and quick and accurate decision-making. Companies can manage the workflow efficiently and have greater control over the workforce productivity.


Acquire operational and manpower control
A single platform with seamless flow of information allows for greater operational control and transparency which is exactly what he modern single software is all about. With secure authorization and access controls, companies can manage activities with greater certainty. Strong tools for reporting and operational control give management the power to make timely and effective decisions. This allows for easy prevention of delays and costly errors.


Control finances remotely
Managing finances and accounting is a sensitive matter that calls for greater security and confidentiality. A single software automates the entire finance and accounting processes making it possible to manage finances securely from anywhere. The checks and balances along with the authorization and access controls make it safer for employees to work remotely. Receivables and payables can be tracked and monitored. Payment follow-ups and collections become effortless. The billing processes becomes automated, quicker and error-free.


Following the three ways can help you succeed in the new normal. A single platform delivers enhanced productivity and profitability. Being flexible and scalable make it suitable to the growing needs of the business. It would be fair to conclude that technology in the form of a single system to manage the freight and logistics business is what companies should look for as they stride into the new normal.