Technology Gives You A Look Inside Your Business

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Being in the logistics and freight business you carry out a number of processes or activities that are interlinked. If the flow of information between the interlinked processes is limited or insufficient it may cause blind spots in business processes. It may impact productivity and efficiency of employees and severely impair management’s decision-making capabilities. Much time, resources and effort are wasted on keeping track of all activities and ensure they run smoothly. You would definitely not want inefficiencies to bog down your business just because you cannot “look inside” your business or have transparency.


If you can have a deep and extensive look inside your business processes it will help you keep the business on course to its goals. This capability is all the more important under the new normal amid the covid pandemic.


The right technology can provide transparency in business processes, especially a software that will bring the entire business under a single platform. With seamless flow of data from sales to operations, finance and accounting and customer service all stakeholders can do their job more accurately and efficiently.


As opposed to an ERP software with third-party integrations a single software specially designed for the industry and automates the business seamlessly can be highly effective. A single software can offer built-in functionality and tools for better collaboration between stakeholders and management.


Here’s what you can expect from being able to look inside business processes:

  • Sales teams can keep track of clients’ rights from acquisition through servicing during their lifetime.
    Sales team can pass-on crucial client-related information to operations, accounting, and customer service teams.
  • Operations teams perform their role accurately with easy access to information and tools.
    Accounting team receives accurate information on charges and expenses from the operations and generating invoices accurately on time.
  • Prompt payment follow-ups by finance team and ensuring collection of receivables on time.
  • Information customer service team can have access to prompt service
  • Managers can keep track of the work progress and avoid costly errors and delays.
  • Management can monitor the business in real time and make informed decisions.
  • What we have seen here are only few of possibilities that you can expect from being able to look inside your business with greater transparency. It affords you the controls to achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity and ensure your business thrives under any circumstances, even the new normal.