Schneider Electric to scale up Cavite logistics hub

Schneider Electric to scale up Cavite logistics hub
  • Schneider Electric seeks to scale up its Cavite logistics hub
  • It will embark on an expansion project estimated to cost 1.4 million euros

Schneider Electric is seeking to scale up its Cavite logistics hub to bolster continued expansion in logistics services, manufacturing, and high-value services in the Philippines, according to the Board of Investments (BOI).

The expansion project, estimated to cost €1.4 million, has already been greenlighted by top management.

BOI representatives recently met with Schneider Electric officials at their Taguig office to discuss the expansion plan.

Part of the company’s sustainability journey in the country is to reach 50% conversion of inter-site trucks to electric vehicles (EV) and 20% of the last mile to utilize EV trucks as part of its “Net-Zero Roadmap,” which it plans to achieve by 2030.

Ejie Tauto-An, Logistics Director, APC by Schneider, said, “Schneider Electric’s business is constantly evolving to ensure growth and increase resilience. An integral part of our growth strategy includes continued strengthening of the organization’s global services that [are] based in the Philippines.”

“This expansion underpins the company’s goal of further boosting our global presence and capabilities to support advancement across different markets around the globe. We are truly grateful for the support that BOI has extended to our company as we embark on this major business expansion,” Tauto-An said in a statement.

Operations in the country cater to nine countries with an annual throughput value of €1 billion.

Aside from its main manufacturing activities, the company has expanded its Analytics for Schneider Electric Global Hub in Taguig City, which requires higher value services and AI-assisted platforms and will employ 80 Filipino data analysts.

The Philippines is one of the four global hubs of the company, which provides technical, analytics, finance planning and accounting, and sales support to 154 countries and hosts 23 languages.

Schneider Electric earned the top spot in the best supply chains of 2023 list by Gartner, a US technological research and consulting firm, as it achieved a 10% reduction in carbon emissions.

The French company started its venture in the Philippines in 1995 by manufacturing UPS (uninterruptible power supply), power surge, backup UPS, and smart UPS.

In 2019, the company converted its existing manufacturing factory in Rosario, Cavite, into a “smart” factory.

Its facility in Cavite Economic Zone produces UPS, power surge, backup UPS, and smart UPS.

The smart factory ensures operational excellence is attained with the help of the Ecostruxure Platform, which optimizes end-to-end efficiency and promotes agile management to ensure effective asset management, data security monitoring, and insights tracking.

Schneider Electric also created its flagship brand, APC Philippines, which provides clean battery backup power, surge protection, and IT (Information Technology) physical infrastructure inside and outside the traditional IT environment.