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SCAn Reporter now in Apple Store

The SCAn Reporter, a mobile app that can report logistics and supply chain issues directly to the government, is now available for download in the Apple Store.

SCAn Reporter, which was launched together with the Supply Chain Analytics (SCAn) Dashboard last May 21, was previously only downloadable for Android mobile users through the Google Play Store.

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Stakeholders can search for IATF Reporter and install. The app may also be downloaded from Registration is required for app use.

Reports made through SCAn Reporter are directed to the SCAn Dashboard, which informs government agencies and industry associations of ground-level issues that need to be addressed to ensure flow of goods and inputs is unhampered.

SCAn Dashboard has five key components—incident reports, trip videos for major selected routes, survey of supply chain issues coming from supply chain players, links to other government dashboards, and summary information on the domestic and Asia-Pacific supply chain environment.

Both the SCAn Dashboard and SCAn Reporter, which were launched by the National Economic and Development Authority Regional Development Group (NEDA-RDG), were approved on April 15 by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF), the highest policymaking body on COVID-19 concerns in the Philippines.

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The SCAn Dashboard and SCAn Reporter were created in partnership with the University of the Philippines Public Administration Research and Extension Services Foundation-Regulatory Reform Support Program for National Development (UPPAF-RESPOND), which provides technical assistance to NEDA-RDG for supply chain-related undertakings, and in cooperation with partner agencies and select private entities.

Information that can be submitted through SCAn Reporter includes type of reporter (e.g., public servant, transport service, concerned citizen, worker, company, and industry association) and incident type (e.g., real-time quarantine control point problem, permit-related problem, regulations, goods overpricing, and real-time road closures, traffic, and accidents).

Photos and videos can also be uploaded in the incident report before submission. If the incident reporter is an industry association member, he or she will be directed to the survey of supply chain issues.

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act, information provided by the reporter will only be used by the relevant government agency and the IATF.

UPPAF-RESPOND, a grantee of the United States Agency for International Development, has donated equipment for the large-scale viewing and operation of the SCAn Dashboard at the National Incident Command-Emergency Operation Center.


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