PEZA eyes streamlined truckers’ accreditation, automation of gate systems

PEZA Director General Tereso Panga during the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines' 40th founding anniversary celebration.
  • The Philippine Economic Zone Authority is eyeing streamlined accreditation of truckers via an online application system for its economic zones
  • Automation of gate systems to reconcile entry and exit protocols is also planned to enhance cargo and truck movement
  • So is a common sticker system for all ecozones to do away with multiple stickers on a truck’s windshield
  • PEZA expects its ecozones to handle more cargo this year, in keeping with its targets of P250 billion in approved investments

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is eyeing the streamlining of truckers’ accreditation via an online application system, and automation of gate systems to enhance cargo and truck movement in its economic zones.

PEZA director general Tereso Panga said the plans are in step with higher cargo volumes expected at ecozones this year, as a result of the increased target for approved investments of P250 billion.

In a speech during the recent Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines’ 40th founding anniversary celebrations, Panga noted that despite a slowdown in global trade, PEZA ecozones facilitated more than 350,000 full container loads last year, and anticipates even more this year.

“This does not only mean more business for our truck providers but also opportunities for them to upgrade their services, trucks, and facilities, especially when it comes to digital transformation,” Panga said.

Aside from making online the accreditation application, Panga said PEZA wants seamless registration. The challenge is in resolving within the year the issue of whether a franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board is required for trucks to carry ecozone shipments from designated delivery points and ecozones, Panga told PortCalls in an interview at the sidelines of the event.

If the issue isn’t resolved, Panga said PEZA may proceed with their own truckers’ accreditation.

The agency also wants to automate its gate system to reconcile entry and exit protocols, and implement a common sticker system for all its ecozones to do away with multiple stickers on a truck’s windshield.

In addition, the PEZA chief is pushing for the digital transformation of its ecozone logistics.

PEZA is slated to roll out this year its digital marketplace, a business-to-business e-commerce unified platform for PEZA locators. PEZA said subscribed users of the digital marketplace will benefit from access to global suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials, supplies, emerging technologies and solutions, as well as local producers and suppliers of goods/services to provide support to ecozone locators.

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With the digital marketplace, ecozone locators/registered-business enterprises can search for and choose available service providers, such as trucking, and receive offers from truckers through the platform.

Panga said they will work with CTAP to be part of the sectoral mapping for the digital marketplace.

He assured PEZA’s support to truckers “as we try to promote ease of doing business,” and also encouraged other partner government agencies “to be with us as we heed the call of the President to provide green lanes and to replace red tape with red carpet.” – Roumina Pablo