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DSV Panalpina enters self-storage market

DSV’s first self-storage building for the B2C self-storage market opens on October 1

Logistics company DSV Panalpina has entered the self-storage market, announcing plans to build its first self-storage building for the business-to-consumer market.

The self-storage concept, to be called Smarter Storage, will open on October 1, part of the company’s new strategic focus on the business-to-consumer or B2C self-storage market.

The undertaking targets consumers and small businesses, aimed at making it as convenient as possible for them to store their belongings, the freight forwarder said.

The company intends to use its extensive warehouse know-how and introduce an innovative, digital solution to make self-storage easily accessible and convenient for customers, said executive vice president of group property at DSV Panalpina, Brian Winther Almind.

The new concept is anchored on a 100% digital platform with the Smarter Storage app as the key component. Customers can use the app on their phone or tablet to enter the unmanned facility, while booking, payment and signing the contract can be done online via phone or tablet.

The first Smarter Storage facility was recently built in Copenhagen, Denmark and comprises 5,500 square meters of storage space divided into more than 700 rooms and compartments. The building’s garages have direct access by car, and the other rooms are accessible via elevators.

Noting the big potential in the self-storage market, Almind said DSV plans to build another facility and eventually take the Smarter Storage concept to other countries in which the company already offers transport and logistics services.

Smarter Storage will be operated and marketed separately from the company’s business-to-business or B2B services.

Photo courtesy of DSV Panalpina


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