DPWH inaugurates Ala-Uli steel flyover in Bataan

Ala-Ui Steel Flyover was officially opened on December 16. Photo from DPWH.
  • The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) inaugurated the Ala-Uli Steel Flyover, the first flyover in Bataan
  • Ala-Uli flyover, opened on December 16, enhances Roman Superhighway transportation efficiency
  • The project is a top priority for the Department, addressing traffic choke point in key towns

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has officially opened the Ala-Uli Steel Flyover in Pilar, Bataan, marking the inauguration of the province’s first flyover.

Spanning 607.75 lineal meters, the modular steel flyover, along with its road approaches in Barangay Ala Uli, is aimed at enhancing transportation efficiency along the Roman Superhighway, a key trade route in the Bataan Peninsula.

The initiative addresses the persistent traffic congestion and frequent accidents at the intersection of Roman Superhighway and Gov. JJ Linao National Road in Pilar, DPWH said in a statement.

Located at a traffic choke point for vehicles going to and from the towns of Balanga, Pilar, Mariveles, and Bagac, the Ala-Uli Flyover project is considered one of the top priorities under the Mega-Bridges for Urban and Rural Development Project of the DPWH that involves the nationwide construction of bridges and flyovers to provide better road network along secondary national highways.

The DPWH anticipates the flyover will enhance traffic flow, leading to reduced travel times, particularly for those commuting to industrial centers along the highway, such as the oil companies in Limay and Bataan Freeport in Mariveles. Additionally, it is expected to contribute to a more sustainable and easily accessible urban environment.

The elevated roadway is a two-lane, 7.5-meter wide and 195.59-meter long modular steel flyover consisting of five spans, two abutments, and four piers. The project also includes 412.16 meters of road approaches on both sides, along with the rehabilitation and reblocking of the concrete pavement beneath the flyover.