Deutsche Post DHL Group changes name July 1

Deutsche Post DHL Group
  • Deutsche Post DHL Group will change its company name to “DHL Group” on July 1, 2023
  • The group says the new name reflects the internationalization of the business portfolio and the global strength of the DHL brand, which accounts for 90% of group revenue
  • The “Deutsche Post” and “DHL” brands will still be used, but the stock ticker changes from “DPW” to “DHL”

Deutsche Post DHL Group is changing its company name to “DHL Group” on July 1, 2023, the German logistics giant announced on June 19.

The new name reflects the group’s transformation through the past years and pays tribute to the focus on its national and international logistics activities as a driver for future growth, it said in a statement.

“Over the past decade, the mega trends of globalization, e-commerce, digitalization, and sustainability have had and will continue to have a strong positive effect on our business. They have opened new growth opportunities to us in many areas,” said Group chief executive Tobias Meyer.

“Today, we are one of the most international companies in the world. The name DHL Group and the use of the DHL logo for the group follows on from the development of our company’s business, which outside of Germany almost only ever uses the DHL brand. Meanwhile, within Germany, the DHL brand continues to gain in importance.”

More than 90% of the group’s revenue stems from businesses trading under the DHL brand, including the DHL Parcel business in Germany, the group said.

The Deutsche Post and DHL brands will continue to be used in Germany, as they have been in the past.

“We are very proud of Deutsche Post’s tradition, its rich heritage and history that stretches back to the 15th century,” Meyer said.

“We will continue to use and cherish the Deutsche Post brand in joint branding with DHL, and remain ‘The Post for Germany’.”

Meyer said the DHL divisions will continue to operate under their current names, with one exception: As of July 1, 2023, the group will also harmonize and simplify the name of the DHL eCommerce Solutions division, which operates as “DHL Parcel” in some countries. The division will use the name DHL eCommerce.

Deutsche Post DHL Group said the renaming will have no impact on the e-commerce divisions’ service offering. It will continue to offer and further invest in a broad range of e-commerce related logistics services across all business units, such as inbound logistics, fulfilment as well as express, parcel and return services.

The new name has no effect on the listed group parent’s name, Deutsche Post AG. The stock ticker, currently DPW, will be changed to DHL to position the company’s global portfolio better in the financial markets and leverage the strong DHL brand recognition there as well.

DHL said the name change has no effect on the name or nature of its legal entities, most notably Deutsche Post AG, or to the relationships with these entities internally and externally. Internally and externally, the group will begin to use DHL Group on July 1, 2023. The rebranding of some physical assets will only happen over time to avoid additional cost, the group said.

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