BOC lists incidental fees off-dock, off-terminal operators may charge consignees

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  • The Bureau of Customs has identified pass-on charges off-dock and off-terminal operators may collect from consignees
  • According to CMO 07-2022, incidental fees should be charged based on revenue ton and supported by an official receipt

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has released the incidental or pass-on charges off-dock and off-terminal customs facilities and warehouse (CFW) operators may collect from cargo consignees.

Under Customs Memorandum Order No. 07-2022, dated March 11, the incidental charges incurred by off-dock and off-terminal CFW operators “should be proportionately charged to the consignee, based on RT [revenue ton], as supported by an official receipt.”

The types of incidental charges and their sources are:

  • Return of empty container – truck operators
  • Control fees – shipping lines
  • Parking fee – shipping lines
  • Detention, demurrage or storage charges on empty and loaded containers – shipping lines and/or terminal operators
  • Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo System charge – E-TRACC service provider
  • X-ray fees – X-ray service provider, if applicable
  • Terminal Appointment Booking System charge – terminal operators
  • Container maintenance fee – shipping lines
  • Warehouse inventory system fees – accredited service provider

At the request of the importer, the off-dock and off-terminal CFW operator should present details or source of the incidental charges, including the manner by which the pro-rating has been computed. The charge should not be collected if the importer has already paid the same.

Fees excluded in CMO 07-2022 are subject to BOC approval.

CMO 07-2022 covers shipments delivered to off-dock and off-terminal CFWs. It revises CMO 41-2015, which provides revised rates to be charged by off-dock container yard/container freight stations.

Off-dock CFWs, as defined under Customs Administrative Order No. 09-2019, are customs facilities located outside the seaport established for the temporary storage of goods and are considered part of customs premises and control.

These include container yards, container freight stations, seaport temporary warehouses, airport temporary warehouses, and inland container depots.

Off-terminal CFWs are customs facilities located outside airports established for the temporary storage of goods and are considered part of the customs premises and control.

CMO 07-2022 takes effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. – Roumina Pablo