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Yusen Logistics launches double-deck container transport service

Yusen containerTokyo-headquartered Yusen Logistics has launched a new ocean transportation service that enables double stacking of products inside ocean containers through the installation of specialized decks.

The freight forwarder said the new service has been introduced on all transport lanes operated by its network after trial runs in April confirmed the security of the decks.

The service is ideal for the transport of electrical products, chemicals, foodstuff, and motorcycles, the company said.

The double deck provides flexible solutions, as it can be customized according to individual customer requirements, it continued.

“The new system will generate a number of benefits, including improved loading efficiency, reduced transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions.”

The service is based around a specialized deck being installed inside the container, dividing the interior into upper and lower sections, to optimize utilization.

e-AWB pact

In related developments, Yusen announced that it has concluded a multilateral electronic air waybill (e-AWB) agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that enables the logistics firm to simplify contract procedures.

This makes individual contracts with IATA member-airlines for e-AWB implementation no longer necessary, it stated.

e-AWBs are an initiative developed by IATA’s e-Freight project, an industry-wide program that aims to build a paperless, end-to-end transportation process for air cargo, as well as reduce office work and CO2 emissions.

“Until now, Yusen Logistics has signed individual contracts with airline companies in order to commence e-AWB operations for air transport,” the company said. “Going forward, Yusen Logistics is aiming to streamline air cargo transportation processes and show its support for IATA’s efforts to digitize all air transport, which has led to the conclusion of the current e-AWB agreement.”

Yusen Logistics said the move is in line with its campaign to expand its operational base in Asia and emerging markets under its new medium-term business plan.

DHL’s cryogenic logistics service

Meanwhile, DHL Global Forwarding has unveiled a new logistics service for life sciences products handled at extremely low temperatures.

Designed to provide sophisticated cryogenic logistics solutions, this service is maintained by LifeConEx, DHL’s temperature management specialist, in collaboration with Cryoport, a provider of global frozen shipping services.

“It is specifically designed for customers who require that cryogenic temperature be reliably maintained during storage and transportation of their materials. It also relieves them from more precarious shipping methods such as dry ice or use of hazardous liquid nitrogen,” said David Bang, CEO of LifeConEx.

The integral part of the new service is a non-hazardous liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper which has an IATA A152 waiver and is classified as non-hazardous, providing 10 days of holding time at minus 150 degrees Celsius “in a safe and environmentally friendly manner,” he added.

Compared to dry ice, which needs to be replenished every few days and is prone to temperature deviations, this technology offers more reliability, which is particularly critical for fragile and temperature-sensitive biomaterials.

The solution will include a temperature-monitoring tool, and customers can track their shipments at any given time via an online platform.


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