Why You Need a Mobile App for Managing Your Logistics

Factors Driving Digitalization in the Philippines Logistics Industry
Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

Imagine a situation where there is no Uber, Google Maps, Zomato or Amazon app to satisfy your needs with just a few finger tap. Sounds scary, right? It is!

That is the magnitude of the effect of mobile apps on our lives at present.

But why did this transition happen? Why have we become dependent on a mobile app for pretty much everything when we can use a website for the same work?

A simple answer is convenience. A recent study says modern customers are not only looking for a great product or service, but the most convenient and appealing way to get it. So when your customers get everything that lies at the tip of their fingers with mobile apps, why would they not expect the same when it comes to freight and logistics business?

Keeping this in mind, it is obvious that logistics companies would need to provide mobility solutions as their customers prefer mobile apps to a website.

Logistics mobile apps come with features like real-time tracking of shipments, finding optimized route options, locating customers through GPS, and streamlining the entire logistics process. But an advanced app offers more to your logistics business in several ways that help you streamline the entire logistics operations.

Paper-based automation

The logistics business involves lots of documentation. With a logistics mobile application, you can automate all the paperwork and go paperless by eliminating manual paperwork and getting rid of the complexities involved.

Right from preparing the e-bill to receiving online payments, automation of paper-based processes boosts the workflow and allow you to get instant mobile reports, saving time and smoothening processes with a mobile app. Above all, mobile apps help you collect data and measure relevant metrics such as mileage and driving time but also ensure your data is safe and easily accessible.

Real-time information

One of the major advantages of availing a mobile app for your logistic company is you get access to real-time data that allows you to take on spot decisions without any delay and slowdowns. Also, help you with inventory management, tracking different goods, record keeping, dispatch operations and inspections and monitoring etc with just a tap on your mobile.

With mobile apps’ real-time data, you can efficiently handle every operation and improve decision-making to enable flawless execution and faster delivery throughout the shipments.

Empower your field staff

With mobile app, your field staff can instantly update the shipment milestone from anywhere. Thus, you enhance customer satisfaction. Your sales team get real-time update on any enquiry generated and can attend to the prospects without any delay. Also, they can raise invoices from anywhere using the mobile app.

Process Bookings and Payments on Go

Mobile apps are best known for facilitating buying and selling of products or services. Give your customers the flexibility to book cargo with a mobile app from anywhere and anytime. With a mobile app, you can directly make payments, raise an invoice, pay online etc. helping you save a lot of time.

These and plenty more functionalities of the mobile apps aim to make the processes simpler, more efficient and more convenient. Thus helps cut down the business cost and increases productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

With the rise in ecommerce, the logistics industry understands the significance of digitalization to overcome critical challenges of last-mile delivery logistics business and the benefits of real-time visibility to get more opportunities. They need to offer speed, greater flexibility and predictability to maximize service quality to the tech-savvy modern customers to remain in the competition. And using feature-rich, advanced, customized and user-friendly logistics mobile apps of digital freight ERP like Logi-Sys, you can greatly improve your logistics management process significantly. Finally it can be said that companies using advanced technology and smart devices are greatly influencing the whole spectrum of the industry and shaping the future of the logistics industry.

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