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Want a PPA certificate or contract? Plant a tree

  • Planting of trees or mangroves required by Philippine Ports Authority for the issuance of accreditation, certificate of registration, appointment, or award/renewal/extension of contract
  • All applicants and grantees of certificates should plant at least 1,000 trees or mangroves
  • The requirement must be complied with not later than one year after issuance of PPA papers

Planting of trees or mangroves is now a requirement by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) for the issuance of accreditation, certificate of registration (COR), appointment, or award/renewal/extension of contract.

The new condition is contained in PPA Administrative Order (AO) 14-2020 pursuant to Executive Order No. 26 series of 2011 establishing a National Greening Program, and Republic Act No. 9729, or The Climate Change Act of 2009.

PPA AO 14-2020 was approved by the PPA Board in November 2020 and takes effect on February 2, 2021.

The AO applies to all grantees, persons, or entities applying with PPA for the issuance of accreditation certificate, COR, appointment, or authorization, including those awarded with contracts on the provision of services in PPA ports.

All applicants or grantees of certificates of accreditation, COR, appointment, or contract are required to plant trees/mangroves of at least 1,000 seedlings.

On top of 1,000 seedlings, an additional number of seedlings must be planted by the following service providers:

  • Port terminal operator – 100,000 seedlings
  • Cargo-handling operator – 50,000
  • Passenger terminal building operator – 50,000
  • Roll-on/roll-off operator – 25,000
  • Private port operator – 500,000
  • Harbor pilot – 10,000

For PPA contractors supplying goods or services, they will be required to plant at least 1,000 seedlings for contracts of at least P5 million and an additional 1,000 seedlings for every additional P5 million in the contract amount, or a fraction thereof.

The applicant or grantee should coordinate with the local Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) or concerned office or unit of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the type of seedlings to be planted and the location for planting them.

After planting, the grantee will secure a certificate of completion from CENRO or DENR office or unit and submit it to PPA.

Compliance with the requirement should be made not later than one year after the issuance of accreditation, permit to operate (PTO), COR, appointment, or award of contract, or from the effectivity of AO 14-2020, whichever comes first.

PPA port management offices and Head Office Responsibility Centers will monitor compliance and coordinate with CENRO or the concerned DENR office or unit on the implementation of AO 14-2020.

Non-compliance with AO 14-2020 will be a ground for the cancellation or non-renewal of accreditation, PTO, COR, appointment, or contract. – Roumina Pablo


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