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The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reportedly planning to grant Vietnam category 1 status anytime soon, setting the stage for direct services between the two countries.

Vietnamese-run VNA quoted a Reuters report stating that two FAA officials who asked not be named said the permission should be issued in the next few weeks.

Last year, a group of FAA officials came to Vietnam to conduct security and safety assessments.

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines and newly launched Bamboo Airways have expressed their desire to open direct routes to the U.S., reported VNA.

Passengers travelling between Vietnam and the U.S. for now have to transit through different countries and territories like China, Hong Kong and Japan.

The Vietnamese government had early last year approved plans to expand the network of national carriers to major markets including Australia, China, Europe, and the U.S.

Vietnam and the U.S. signed an air transport agreement in 2003 to allow carriers from each country to operate unlimited direct air service in both directions. In 2004, Vietnam Airlines sought permission from the U.S. to provide direct services. However, the request was denied because the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam did not meet the safety supervision requirements set by the FAA.

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