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CauVuotDiBo2Macroeconomic stability will be among the key tasks of the Vietnamese government in 2016, according to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on December 28 presented a government draft resolution on the administration’s nine priority tasks for realizing socioeconomic development next year.

The first is maintaining macroeconomic stability by creating the environment and driving forces for economic growth. The government said continued enhancement of macroeconomic stabilization and controlling inflation will be regarded as a “constant task” in the coming year.

Nguyen asked agencies to take concrete measures to achieve stability by adopting a three-pronged strategy of institutional improvement, infrastructure development, and human resource development.

The key objectives of the 2016 socioeconomic development plan, as approved by the National Assembly, include a GDP growth rate of 6.7% and an increase in total export revenue of 10%. The country also seeks to narrow the trade deficit to below 5% of total export turnover, reported state-run VGP News.

The other major tasks outlined for the new year include to improve manpower quality and speed up scientific and technological development; ensure social security, improve people’s living standards and implement social equality; and efficiently manage and protect natural resources and mitigate the impact of natural disasters and climate change.

The others are to accelerate building a modern and dynamic administration focused on the welfare of citizens and enterprises; create substantial changes in the fight against corruption and wastefulness, and in the settlement of complaints; strengthen national defense and ensure political security; improve the effectiveness of diplomatic activities and maintain a peaceful and stable environment for national development; and enhance information dissemination.

Nguyen called for the adoption of more mechanisms and policies on mobilizing investment capital from different sources instead of relying on the state budget.

The government chief also sought a doubling of efforts in reforming the national economy, especially in relation to public investment, state-owned enterprises, banking, and agriculture, in order to improve investment effectiveness and corporate governance.

Agencies were also asked to strengthen scientific and technological activities toward raising productivity, quality, and competitiveness of Vietnamese goods.

Nguyen also urged further reforms in administrative procedures in order to improve the business environment while enhancing information technology application in state agencies to increase transparency and openness.

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