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Truckers warned against violating Manila truck routes

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) advised truckers to strictly observe truck routes being implemented in Manila or face the consequences, after the city government discontinued and indefinitely suspended issuance of the permit to travel.

MTPB officer-in-charge Dennis Viaje, in a January 15 notice to all truckers associations, operators, and drivers, announced the suspension of the travel permit was due to the “consensus unanimously agreed” during a meeting with the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) on January 11.

CTAP earlier said the suspension of the permit requirement, which reportedly costs around P2,000 per truck unit every month, was a result of the trucking holiday staged by the association on January 13 to highlight issues hounding the industry, some of which have remained unsolved for years. The trucking holiday was later temporarily suspended to give way to discussions with relevant agencies.

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With the suspension, Viaje advises all truck operators to inform their truck drivers to observe strictly truck routes being enforced in the City of Manila, as provided under Ordinance No. 8092 (Traffic Management Code of the City of Manila).

Viaje said a violation of “Truck No Entry” will be given to those disregarding the designated truck routes. In case of expired official receipt/certificate of registration (OR/CR), a citation ticket for “failure to carry/show OR/CR” will be given, and the vehicle will be immediately impounded. Drivers found driving without any valid license will also have their vehicle impounded.

Manila’s designated truck routes under Ordinance No. 8092 are as follows:

For the southern truck route:

From Port Area to Pres. Osmeña Highway: Bonifacio Drive go left P. Burgos, Finance Road, straight Ayala Boulevard, right San Marcelino, left Pres. Quirino Avenue, right South Super Highway to destination

From Pres. Quirino Highway to South Harbor, Port Area: Pres. Osmeña Highway go right Pres. Quirino Avenue (Plaza Dilao), left United Nations Avenue, right Romualdez Street, left Ayala Boulevard, Finance Road, left P. Burgos Street, right Bonifacio Drive to South Harbor

From Pres. Quirino Highway to Manila North Harbor: Pres. Osmeña Highway go right Pres. Quirino Avenue straight to Nagtahan, A.H. Lacson Street, right Yuseco Street, straight Raxabago Street towards Capulong Street, left Road 10 (R-10) to North Harbor

For the northern truck route:

From Port Area to North Diversion Road: From Pier Zone travel northward along R-10, Capulong Street toward Raxabago Street, Yuseco Street, right F. Huertas, right C-3 to destination

From North Diversion to Port Area:

From A. Bonifacio Street right C-3, left R-10 to Pier Zone; or From A. Bonifacio Street right Blumentritt, left Aurora Boulevard, right Dimasalang Street, right Aragon Street, right A.H. Lacson Street, left Yuseco Street, straight Raxabago Street to Capulong Street, left R-10 to Pier Zone.


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