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Truckers oppose BOC registration, claim new policy is ‘redundant’

The registration of truckers with the Bureau of Customs under Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 05-2019 is “redundant”, as truckers already comply with the franchising requirement of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), and secure a permit to operate (PTO) from the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). This is according to Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) chairman Ruperto Bayocot.

In addition, PPA is set to soon require a separate registration for trucks on top of the PTO, the documentary requirements of which are almost the same as set under CMO 05-2019, Bayocot told PortCalls.

CMO 05-2019’s rule requiring a check of the trucker’s office and garage before registration is also redundant, this being a requirement of LTFRB to secure a certificate of public convenience, he said.

Under CMO 05-2019, all Philippine truckers transporting import and export shipments to and from the ports will soon be required to register with the BOC, otherwise they won’t be able to carry such goods.

Bayocot noted truckers who are also customs brokers as well as truckers with big operations will be able to comply with the new policy. But not truckers with a few units who will have a hard time complying with the BOC requirements, especially the rule on payment of security bond of at least P50,000.

Of CTAP’s total membership, 70% are truckers with only two to three truck units, Bayocot noted.

If BOC will strictly implement CMO 05-2019, Bayocot said many truckers might not be able to comply.

Instead of registration, Bayocot said CTAP will just provide BOC with a list of its members and their details.

Bayocot said they will issue a position paper opposing the new policy. He said this has been the position of CTAP  since former Customs commissioner Alberto Lina aired his plan to have truckers accredited with BOC.

Other truckers PortCalls spoke with also oppose the new BOC policy, noting it will just be another layer of regulation.

Inland Haulers and Truckers Association president Teodorico Gervacio, in an interview with PortCalls, said his group does not mind BOC registration of trucks transporting cargoes bound to and from Customs-regulated facilities such as customs bonded warehouses.

He, however, said registration is unnecessary for trucks just picking up cargoes already cleared with BOC.

He explained truckers do not deal directly with BOC but with customs brokers or importers, and that they (truckers) assume cargoes they transport are “legal” when they are issued a gate pass. He noted a gate pass is only issued if the shipment has been cleared with BOC and has made all necessary payments.

He echoed Bayocot’s statement that truckers already secure a permit to operate with PPA, allowing them to enter the ports.  – Roumina Pablo


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