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Truck drivers to undergo discipline training

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso in a meeting with truckers’ associations on July 30. Photo from Manila Public Information Office.

Truckers will conduct training for their drivers in response to Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso’s request to instill discipline among drivers, who he said add to heavy traffic on Manila’s roads.

Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) chairman Ruperto Bayocot, in a text message to PortCalls, said a training session will be held for its member operators’ truck drivers on August 12.

Inland Haulers and Truckers Association (INHTA) president Teodorico Gervacio told PortCalls in a phone interview they will also conduct a seminar for truck drivers, something they have done previously.

Both CTAP and INHTA will likewise issue memos to their members relaying Domagoso’s request for more disciplined truck drivers.

Hindi naman kayo ‘yung may problema. Ang may problema driver niyo [It’s not you but your drivers that are the problem],” Domagoso told representatives of truckers’ associations in a July 30 meeting.

He explained that he has received a lot of complaints on social media about illegal truck parking and improper queuing, causing more traffic on certain roads leading to and coming from the ports.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

While Bayocot acknowledged there are drivers that disobey traffic rules, he noted only a few drivers or “more or less 2% violate traffic rules, [and that] most violations [have to do with] no parking due to non-availability of THA [truck holding area], especially at South Harbor.”

Domagoso also requested that truckers not park illegally on Road 10. “Yung mga truck sa R10 ‘wag niyo na iparada, please naman (Don’t park trucks on R10),” he told truckers. He warned that road obstructions, such as truck heads, will be cleared using hammers, mallets, or acetylene.

The Manila mayor said that while truckers are welcome in Manila, he requested them not to tempt Manila traffic enforcers with “tara” (grease money) and not to entertain individuals asking for favors, claiming closeness to Domagoso.

Domagoso noted that the city government of Manila has stopped towing illegally parked vehicles in Manila, and has been tracking down towing companies from other cities operating illegally in Manila and filing cases against them.

Walang towing sa Manila [There is no towing in Manila],” Domagoso said. Last May, he announced he would suspend towing because instead of instilling discipline, it promotes corruption. He noted, however, that the Manila City government has no jurisdiction over towing activities of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Meanwhile, Domagoso said truckers should experience some relief once the Harbor Link road project is completed. He added he has approved a proposal by port operator International Container Terminal Services, Inc. to construct an overpass linking Manila International Container Terminal to Road 10.


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