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The dynamics of freight and logistics business has been undergoing unprecedented changes since the last few years. Aggressive competition and supply chain demands have created a situation of uncertainty in the industry. Freight and logistics companies are forced to fulfil the complex requirements of the supply chain at cut-throat prices.


On the one hand, supply chain requirements are becoming more complex and on the other, the competition is cutting through margins that freight and logistics companies have enjoyed earlier.


How do logistics or freight forwarding company compete with the cut-throat prices? There is no easy answer to the question but adopting an advanced logistics and freight solution can surely be a move in the right direction and solve a lot of problems.


Like most freight and logistics companies you spend more time, money and resources than necessary to fulfill your commitments to your customers. While this might be manageable in some cases, if it happens regularly with all shipments, the operational cost will spiral and you will end up in a financial mess that could hurt your company’s bottomline.


To avoid this, freight and logistics companies need to embrace a platform that can leverage advanced technologies that deliver more powerful capabilities to their business.


An advanced freight and logistics solution helps business increase visibility, optimize operational capabilities, setup transparent communication, boost customer experience and engagement and much more. The pace at which the industry is growing, I feel it will be impossible for freight and logistics companies to continue competing without moving to an advanced system.


An advanced freight and logistics solution opens the door to better operational optimization and control. You get access to information that powers your key business decisions and strategies. Cutting down on costs is a major advantage that you can benefit from using an advanced software.  And most important of all, you can steer your company to the top of the customer experience trend.


Amit Maheshwari’s 25 years of domain knowledge, vision and deep understanding of logistics marks him as a major thought leader in the industry. Under his leadership, Softlink Global has become a leading global logistics software provider. One of his major creations Logi-Sys is a comprehensive ERP for the freight and logistics industry that has become a global success.

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