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Thinking Beyond Automation

Automation in the freight and logistics business is something that simply needs to be done. The question that needs to be considered is how to evaluate and extract the maximum benefits from the technology. So what are the things you need to consider when automating your business and how do you think beyond it?


As a freight forwarder you usually undertake multiple operations that involve land movement and storage of cargo. Transportation and warehouse are part and parcel of your everyday operations. In fact they are essential activities in most freight forwarders’ business and are connected with other each other. So does it make sense to have different software for these different operations of the company?


Sadly I often see companies doing exactly that—using different solutions for each of their multiple operations. The effort put in to connect these different solutions complicates the matter further. Linking different solutions will not give optimum results since it is not possible to utilize the potential of each application. This is a mistake not realized until too late and the cost of correction becomes prohibitive. Most companies end up with systems not connected in the real sense.


A single unified solution is what freight and logistics companies should look for. It not only automates their entire business process but also gives them end-to-end solution that covers their entire business process. From freight operations to transport movements and warehouse, a unified system makes it possible to manage every operation from a single platform.


From the financial perspective, an inbuilt billing and financial accounting system adds up to provide great advantage. You don’t miss out on booking and billing your expenses and payment follow-ups becomes all the more simple.


Management can benefit from greater transparency across operations of the organization and have more control over the processes. Various teams can coordinate and collaborate better both within the organization and with other agencies and service providers.


It makes better sense to have a single unified system instead of individual applications for each of your operation as this takes you beyond automation and delivers many benefits that separate systems cannot provide.


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