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Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The covid pandemic has given a massive jolt to logistics and freight industry especially companies that have been passive users of technology. Companies now look at a whole new business scenario where social distancing and work from home has become the new normal. Technology is the only tool for survival as companies slowly emerge from the pandemic and reboot businesses.


Extreme care needs to be exercised in selecting the technology that would be right for the logistics and freight business. The software needs to fulfil all theneeds of the business while offering the required functionality and security. In the new normal with restrictions at work place limiting the number of persons working from the office, employees will be scattered across location. The software should be able to provide secure access to employees from wherever they are also should be accessible through any device.


A modern single software is the vaccine that can immunize businesses. Having a single software for your entire business needs will be highly beneficial as it would not only mean everyone works on the same platform but also less trouble managing problems arising from multiple software. From sales, operations, customer service to invoicing, accounting and finance companies need to ensure enough security measures can be implemented in the software to avoid any sort of critical data breach. The software must have proper authorization, checks and balances and access control mechanisms in place to ensure data security.


Companies need to put in place proper process and SOP for employees to work from both office and home. It can help employees work with ease and collaborate better so that overall efficiency increases. The software should be capable of ensuring that the processes are strictly followed as prescribed and employees can be held accountable for their work.


Logistics and freight companies have no option but to adapt to the new normal and transform themselves if they wish to continue growing their business. The first step here is to accept this new normal and change in step with the new business scenario and once they do this, they will be able to thrive.

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