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The Thai cabinet has approved a project to build a third runway at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to alleviate air traffic congestion at the main gateway to Thailand.

The project has an estimated total investment cost of nearly THB21.8 billion (US$683 million), according to local reports.

Local media quoted government deputy spokesperson Werachon Sukondhapatipa as saying that the approval is conditional on the project passing an environmental and health impact assessment from the National Environment Board.

Currently, Suvarnabhumi’s two runways can handle 64 flights every hour, but if one runway needs to shut down, then the airport can serve 34 flights per hour. Once the third runway is completed, the airport will be able to manage 94 flights an hour.

The two existing runways are 2.2 kilometers from each other, with the western one measuring 3.7 kilometers long and the eastern one 4 kilometers in length.

The third runway, to be 4 kilometers in length, will be on the western part of the airport, the same side as the main warehouse and the western runway.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the project, part of the kingdom’s transport development plan for the 2015-2022 period, will start at the end of this year and be completed in 2021.

This project, whose construction is to be overseen by the Airports of Thailand, will include a navigation system, the construction of a drainage system, and fire and rescue stations.

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