Technology to the Rescue In Times of Global Lockdown

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

As nearly a third of the global population is under lockdown due to COVID-19, can the logistics and freight industry manage to continue working? It has to, considering it is the lifeline of global supply chain connecting various markets, suppliers and customers.

Faced with serious threats to business continuity, logistics and freight companies are, however, now having a serious rethink about their technology capabilities that would allow them to continue with their work.

Luckily the impact of COVID has not been severe for those who have already adopted advanced software on cloud as they are well equipped to work from anywhere using any device. Modern advanced software on cloud allows employees of a company working in various departments to collaborate and coordinate remotely from different locations.

But not all logistics and freight companies have been so lucky. It has been an uphill battle for some to keep their work going during this dreadful period. Companies have been struggling to maintain business continuity for the simple reason that they are not technologically equipped to work from remote locations.

What should companies look for when they upgrade their technology? Considering employees are no longer working from a single location the software should allow for collaboration. A messaging system for employees to communicate with each other, share documents and with back-office teams field teams will also be useful.

Access to field staff through a mobile app can make things even easier. Automating payment requests and expense booking and release of payments with proper approval of the authorized personnel will keep the revenue flowing and account department in check.

Monitoring of employee performance with full visibility of the entire workforce in real time will help managers monitor each team member remotely, even from the comfort of their homes. These and many more such capabilities can be acquired by companies using a modern advanced and single-integrated software.

Technology has come to the rescue of logistics and freight industry during this global lockdown. It’s high time companies realized the importance of a cloud-based fully integrated single software as the right technology essential for their survival, making them ready for future challenges.