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Technology to Keep Your Transportation Moving

Amit Maheshwari, CEO, Softlink Global

Logistics companies can expect to see huge changes as automation filters into every aspect of the business in the face of a huge jump in road and connectivity infrastructure. While new modes of transportation like drones have emerged on the scene, autonomous vehicles are poised to change the way business is conducted.


But the first order of business for logistics companies is taking care of current affairs in order to meet the future with great confidence. While there are best-in-class transport management systems (TMS) available to automate and digitize operations, logistics companies cannot afford to look at it in isolation. Logistics companies offering freight, transport, warehouse and other allied services need to have a holistic view of their business.


The one major drawback of opting for TMS software, even if it is best in its class, is that logistics companies will be using other software to manage their freight and warehouse operations. It is possible that the TMS software can be integrated with others but then the overall result will not be in the best interest of the company in the long run. It will be a big mistake to have a partial view of business automation requirements. Unconnected software cannot “talk” to each other as effectively as single software for your entire logistics business can.


While TMS software is good for companies solely into transportation, logistics companies would do well to use the single software for all their business. This way they can ensure transparency in working by ensuring that the entire organization is on the same platform. This is ideal since all operations become interconnected and data flow from one to the other becomes seamless with single software.


In the case of a single software, even if we view one particular operation—transportation—the results are as good as a standalone, best-in-class TMS software. You get all the benefits of TMS software plus the huge advantages from single software that multiple software integrated together cannot provide.


For management, the single software offers a goldmine of information and insights. They get a holistic view of their business and a precise understanding of particular segments of their business like transportation, warehouse, freight, etc. Single software is the technology that can keep your transportation moving in tandem with your business.


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