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LBC Express, Inc. is investing heavily in technology as it embarks on a three-year digital transformation program to further automate its process and respond to the changes in the logistics industry.

“With digitalization set to revolutionize the entire industry, we see another opportunity for LBC to define itself across all its business segments. Technology has, literally, changed every aspect of the way businesses operate—and LBC is on the move to make sure that they lead the pack,” LBC Express Holdings, Inc. president and chief executive officer Miguel Camahort said.

“Our vision is anchored on our ability to shift the way we do things—the way we move,” he added.

Camahort, in an interview with media on the sidelines of the company’s recent stockholders’ meeting, said LBC is investing more heavily in technology “not just technology for the sake of technology but technology with great value for the organization as well as for that of our customers, and that will differentiate us from the rest of our competitors in the segments that we participate in today.”

Refusing to disclose its budget for the program, Camahort noted, however, that LBC last year signed a multimillion-dollar contract with India-based Ramco Systems for a system to unify and automate its logistics and supply chain operations across its more than 1,000 global branches and 121 warehouses.

LBC’s digital transformation program was officially launched in February this year and will cover three years, Camahort said.

He said LBC has invested in a system that will replace its legacy system and “change our processes internally and externally.”

Camahort explained that having a single platform system will help LBC mine its data “in order for us to have analytics, proper analytics in our system to be able to predict behaviors to be able to push marketing projects to our customers.”

In a separate statement, LBC said its digital transformation will accelerate the brand’s operational improvements that will ultimately impact its customers in more meaningful ways.

In the pipeline for the coming years is LBC’s thrust to set up cross-border operations to capture the e-commerce market at its origin, making LBC an end-to-end logistics service provider; further developing the first mile to empower small and medium enterprises; seeking out partners through crowdsourcing to make LBC’s pickup and delivery operations burstable; leveraging on crowdsourcing to fulfill volume surge for cost-effective solutions to demand; expanding money transactions through peer-to-peer payments; and ensuring continuous improvements of efficiencies of hubs.

“We believe in our ability to set LBC apart as a fully digital organization—tough enough to keep up with the incredible pace of technology, with just the right amount of flexibility so we can adapt to changing needs while anchored on the values that built us,” Camahort said.

He added, “We are moved by the idea that our mission to transform will allow us to evolve our business models to retain our market position, build resilience in fickle economies, as well as remain agile amid growing competition. The idea is for us is not to do technology for the sake of technology, but to use it so that we continue to move lives in more meaningful ways.”

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