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Technology in Times of Global Lockdown and Beyond

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The global lockdown brought about by corona pandemic has caught many businesses unaware and unprepared. Forced to worked from home, logistics and freight companies are seen to be struggling to cope up with their day to day work. Managing even the most basic documentation requirements has become a struggle for many companies. As companies try desperately for business continuity, they must avoid acting out of panic and taking hurried decisions in matters of technology.


They would be well-advised to remember technology is a long-term commitment and any hasty decision might just backfire bigtime later.


Many companies who do not have a web-based or cloud solution are rushing to fulfil their immediate needs by acquiring any software that could fulfil their basic documentation needs. That would be a blunder logistics and freight companies could regret once the immediate emergency passes. The software may become redundant or incapable of fulfilling the larger needs of the company later. But that is exactly what is happening today.


In the present pandemic situation where the logistics and freight business is looking gloomy it is understandable that large investments in software may not be possible. But neither is it smart to invest in any software that may not have long-term usability or may not be able to fulfil the long-term needs of the business.


Rather than panic, logistics and freight companies need to adopt a practical approach to the situation.  It would be appropriate to identify the ideal software that will fulfil both the present and future needs of the company and work out a phased implementation.


Companies can opt for the implementation of basic modules that would help them with business continuity and WFH requirements. This can be negotiated with the vendor at a reasonable cost. They can then implement the add-ons and additional functionality once normalcy is restored.


By adopting the above approach companies are assured of stability, continuity and growth even after the current emergency situation passes and business starts returning to normal.  The same technology that served them through these uncertain times of global lockdown will help them strengthen their business when they emerge from the dark times.


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