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Technology Helps Create Strong Business Processes

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

The need to set up a strong business process and performance metrics cannot be stressed enough for a logistics and freight company. Especially with rapid penetration of technology in every aspect of the industry, a strong business process helps streamline activities and ensure optimal growth is achieved.


Technology being an intrinsic part of business operations, a strong process backed by technology can pave the way for companies to realize its goals. Strong processes often spell the difference between a company’s success or failure. Sadly, most companies are not sufficiently focused on establishing business processes that enable them to maximize their chances of success.


A strong business process serves as the company’s essential building block and support. With the right combination of systems and processes, companies can increase efficiency and accuracy of their business operations. The right process enables management to monitor and manage resources and allows interaction in the organization and with other stakeholders.


The process which forms business best practice mapped with technology, can help management evaluate various aspects of operations and align them with business goals. A technology solution that has business best practices built into its core is a vital asset in creation of a strong business process.


For a strong business process, companies must pick the right technology. This is especially crucial for logistics companies, as they have multiple activities such as freight, transport and warehouse makes for complex operations.


In this case, a single technology platform or a single software for the business to ensure seamless operations with uniformity and reliability is highly recommended.


Many logistics and freight companies are far behind in areas of digital transformation. It is essential for them to look outside of their comfort zone and focus more on their digital transformation path. Having the right technology solution is crucial to creating strong business process that will pave the way for success.


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