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SUPER Green Lane-accredited importers (SGL) are against the proposal of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to pass on the cost of implementing the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) scheme to parties seeking accreditation, most of whom will likely be importers.

“The task is too big. Importers do not have the money to shoulder the expenses,” SGL Importers Association president Jimsy Macawile told PortCalls, noting that most members are just starting to recover from the adverse effects of the global financial crisis.

“Based on our estimates, we are to shoulder at least P300,000 just to have our security plans audited,” Macawile said.

The group is looking for ways to help BOC fully implement the AEO at the soonest possible time.

AEO accreditation will allow for fast and unimpeded processing of goods. It aims to help certain economic operators in the international supply chain adopt control measures to enhance the security of the chain.

The AEO implementation has, however, been hampered by BOC’s lack of funds and inadequate technical knowhow.

The agency recently said it is inclined to tap the services of a third-party to conduct the audit of entities seeking accreditation.

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