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Subic to issue automated gate pass for trucks

THE Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) are applying a new gate pass system for trucks next month to reduce cases of smuggling.

Starting July 15, SBMA will issue automated gate passes for trucks entering and leaving the freeport. No truck will be allowed to leave SBMA premises unless it pays the required duties and taxes to the BOC plus other fees such as port charges.

The joint memorandum order (JMO) for the system was signed last week

“There will be no place for smuggling or irregularity or inefficiency or lapses as far as the transfer of documents and shipments are concerned,” Customs deputy commissioner Alexander Arevalo said.

“This project aims to provide the integration of the systems of SBMA and BOC.”

The JMO covers all shipments from SBMA for port users or locators as well as cargoes destined for the domestic market, also known as pullout cargo for sale.

The order will also eventually cover bring-out cargoes or transit cargoes for sub-contracting parties as well as bring-out cargo of local goods.

The system was pilot tested in May with trucks servicing requirements of oil firm PTT Philippines and Microbase Transport and Equipment Inc.


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