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Study ranks Asia-Pacific’s top supply chain organizations

The top 10 supply chain organizations in Asia-Pacific for 2013 are mostly focused on improving their network efficiency as they contend against a variety of issues.

“Mixed economic performance, volatility of demand, rising costs, a tighter labor market, a shortage of talent and regulatory pressures continue to weigh on Asia-Pacific supply chains in 2013,” said Debashis Tarafdar, research director at Gartner, a global information technology research company, following the recent release of its report titled “2013 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Asia/Pacific.”

Overall, the three-year weighted average revenue growth for the top 10 Asia-Pacific companies slowed down almost 25 percent year-over-year.

“To improve long-term supply chain stability, we see many organizations investing significant resources in re-evaluating their supply network, developing lean manufacturing practices and creating multitier supply chain visibility,” said Tarafdar.

“As supply chains increasingly become a key differentiator and an enabler of business growth, talent acquisition and retention assumed high priority as well,” Tarafdar added. “In addition, most organizations adopted either a hybrid or local leadership model that effectively addresses the cultural differences between various countries.”

Samsung Electronics took the top spot among companies in the Asia-Pacific, even as it moved up five slots in worldwide ranking from number 13 to number 8. It achieved first place in 2012 for smartphone and overall mobile phone sales worldwide, said Gartner.

Lenovo moved to second place this year from fourth place in 2012, backed by impressive revenue growth and inventory turns. It also improved its global ranking by 23 spots, leaping to number 20 for 2013.

Five new companies entered the top 10 in Asia-Pacific in 2013 compared to last year: Haier (third), Flextronics (seventh), Honda Motor (eighth), Canon (ninth), and LG Electronics (10th).

Others on the list are Hyundai Motor (fourth), Tata Motors (fifth), and Toyota Motor (sixth).

According to Gartner, more organizations from Asia-Pacific will strive to dominate the world stage by creating a demand-driven global value network with local execution capabilities.


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