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RP shipping need higher crisis management standards

RP shipping needs higher crisis management standards THE Philippine shipping industry requires greater crisis management standards to prepare for future risks and unexpected turns in business, a crisis management expert said.

In an interview at the sidelines of the recently concluded Seamless Crisis Management Seminar held at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila, workshop leader Warren Thompson noted the Philippines is among the many countries where security is a big issue.

“Businesses here, particularly those in shipping, are most often than not volatile, thus susceptible to being a threat to the environment. For instance, tankers are usually criticized in the event of a major oil spill. So, how does a company deal with such situation?” Thompson asked.

Crisis management involves planning for crises and ensuring that organizational arrangements are in place. Good crisis management strategies prepare executive management in the correct ways of handling crisis situations hence protecting their interests as well as the company’s reputation and future.

“Our objective here is to increase the people’s level of awareness and preparedness and increase their concentration at times of crisis to preserve the company’s name,” Thompson added. National Marine Corporation (NMC) general manager Cornelius De Guzman said local shipping is “synonymous to crisis” – a situation that compels stakeholders to have a better understanding of crisis management.

“In our company, we already have our own crisis management strategies. What we need is to further elevate it and learn new information,” he noted, adding regular workshops on crisis management will help boost the industry’s awareness level. NMC transports products of major oil companies such as Petron, Caltex and Shell to various domestic destinations.

The crisis management workshop was also attended by representatives from local manufacturing and distribution firms such as Bayer, Pfeizer, Unilever and San Miguel Corp. – M. R. Mesias .


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