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Right Technology Key to Achieving Efficiency Gains

Amit Maheshwari, Softlink Global CEO

As competition heats up many 3PL and freight companies are making a well-considered move towards automation to speed up processes and increase efficiency gains. While many companies recognize the importance of automation in their business, not many succeed in realizing their goals successfully. Choosing the right technology partner and solution is key to the success of technology automation.


With 3PL and freight companies on the lookout for the technologies solutions that will help deliver a competitive advantage, it is vital that they pay much attention to the selection of the right technology partner.


Why choosing the right technology partner is important

Technology solutions come with varying capabilities so some research is important for companies before making a choice on solution.


There are two things that 3PL and freight companies must ascertain for the success of their automation goals. One, the solution has to fulfil current needs of giving the technological edge while being flexible to future growth needs. And two, there must be a sound implementation process by the vendor, a critical component that has great impact on effectiveness of the solution for the company.


A worthy solution will most certainly involve significant investment. But if companies make the right choice their investment will pay dividends. It is always advisable to opt for a single enterprise-wide software rather than integrated solutions. This way companies do not have to grapple with multiple vendors and diverse systems that require integration and constant tuning. Companies can ensure maximum efficiency gains with a single software.


The trend we see today is that when incorporating new solutions, companies often overlook the implementation process which is the foundation for efficiency gains. With exception of a few, companies either have no idea of the importance of the implementation process or do not pay much attention to it. The result? In several cases the solution becomes inoperable and is discarded or used ineffectively.


To avoid a loss on their investment, 3PL and freight companies need to give much emphasis on their technology acquisition plan. Automation is not as simple as just investing in random solutions. Instead companies should focus on implementing the right technology that is key to achieving efficiency gains.


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