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This may now be a cliché but there is substance to the often repeated accusation that the logistics industry keeps its distance from technology and automation. This may not be rule but we are talking of the industry in general.


This doesn’t necessarily mean companies are staying clear of technology. Many of those still using manual methods are already turning to technology for automation, visibility and business intelligence. They are looking for relief from obstacles to growth and fulfillment of customer demands.


The case for business automation using a logistics ERP is compelling as the system offers automation, integration, streamlining of processes, seamless flow of data, and access to vast data repository.


There are companies that end up working just like glorified clerical staff whose sole aim is to just get the job done for their customers. They get so caught up in the routine of ensuring the freight gets delivered on time and per customer expectations that they have absolutely no time to develop their logistics skills or their logistics business. The company loses out on devising creative, innovative ways of doing business and maximizing its potential.


In the process of depending heavily on the creativity of its people to add value to customers, a company puts itself in a position of deep risk. People are not bound to the company forever and as such their exit could mean losing the special skills, expertise and creativity they hold.


Companies that have pushed the envelope on business automation, however, have streamlined internal systems where all people working for the company are empowered. The productive creativity comes from collaborative effort of all the people working with it. The system offers a single, automated view of the business and the customers to each person according to their role and position within the company. The company becomes system-driven and is unaffected by the entry and exit of personnel. It puts the company in a position of great advantage.


Today we have specialized logistics and freight ERP systems that allow you to nurture creativity and enhance productivity and deliver unique, high quality service your customers have come to expect.


I believe this a strong case for automation where logistics companies need not sacrifice their potential in a struggle to fulfill the needs of customers. They can claim the success that is theirs and make some great money in the process.

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