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Francois Zayek, CEO of x-ray machine supplier Astrophysics (left), with Customs commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero at the installation of the x-ray machines at the Port of Manila on September 24, 2019. Photo from the Bureau of Customs.

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has installed two fixed portal x-ray machines at the Port of Manila.

The machines are part of six upgraded ones ordered from Astrophysics Inc., a US company based in Southern California. Two others will be installed in the Manila International Container Port, one in Davao port, and another in Cebu port.

BOC said procuring more x-ray machines is part of its commitment to strengthen border security by increasing its capability in non-intrusive inspection of containerized shipments.

The BOC X-ray Inspection Project said the newly acquired x-ray machines can scan at least 120 containers per hour.

The machines are equipped with material discrimination capability, allowing x-ray image analysts to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials, including drugs and narcotics, and to make more accurate analyses and decisions, BOC noted.

The new x-ray machines can scan at least 120 containers per hour. Photo from the Bureau of Customs.

The new x-ray machines also have a lower radiation dose, enhancing the safety of x-ray workers and the transacting public who may be exposed to radiation.

BOC said it expects the new machines to further improve the agency’s capability to detect the entry of smuggled and anti-social goods as well as narcotics in various ports nationwide.

Further, the new equipment is seen to enable the rapid and effective screening of containerized shipments with minimal interruption to the movement of goods inside the ports. Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, the x-ray scanners are expected to minimize unnecessary delays and enhance trade facilitation.

BOC earlier said it is adding 50 new x-ray machines at various airports and seaports nationwide within the year, including 15 fixed baggage x-ray machines, 25 hand-carried baggage x-ray machines, four mobile baggage x-ray machines, and six portal-type x-ray machines, altogether worth more than P1.2 billion.

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