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PH supply chain managers keep rates steady until yearend

Supply chain managers in the Philippines have shelved any rate adjustments in the services they provide despite continuing rise in operational expenses.

“There would be no more rate increases for this year,” Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) president Enrique Castillo told PortCalls.

“We will evaluate by next year if there is a need to adjust our rates. But as of now, the upward adjustment in rates of about 3% a couple of months ago will be the last,” Castillo said at the sidelines of the recent annual SCMAP Conference and Exhibit.

The price of fuel, one of the biggest costs for the distribution business, has been fluctuating in the world market.

Castillo said the high local demand – and distribution for — products has made the spikes in fuel prices tolerable.

Distribution activities have also remained unhampered despite the recent flooding due to the southwest monsoon.

Castillo said the floods have had little effect on operations of SCMAP member firms and will likely even mean greater business for them, owing to the need for restocking.

“We are operating normally despite the recent calamities and expect to make it through the year with something to spare,” Castillo added.

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