PEZA orders online validation of e-import permits


The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) has directed the continued online validation of electronic import permits (eIP) and online endorsement of validated eIPs to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) Manila International Container Port (MICP), Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), and Port of Manila (POM).

PEZA, in Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2020-0019, said this is in view of the current public health situation and “to better safeguard the health and welfare” of its enterprises’ representatives, customs brokers, and Joint PEZA Customs Clearance Offices (JPCO) personnel.

The online validation is also due to the temporary closure of the BOC-MICP building, including the JPCO office, after a BOC personnel tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). PEZA said it has also coordinated with BOC to use the online system in POM and NAIA as well.

MC 2020-0019 took effect on March 30, 2020 and will be considered automatically revoked after seven days from the lifting of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon.

Validation of PEZA eIPs that support the transshipment single administrative document (TSAD) application for the clearance/release of import shipments via NAIA, POM and MICP intended for PEZA enterprise-consignees, through their respective authorized representatives/customs brokers, should be done online through work-from-home (WFH) arrangement following guidelines under MC 2020-0019.

Before submitting the first application for online eIP validation, the PEZA enterprise should have its authorized representative/customs broker submit via email to the PEZA JPCO where it is transacting, a one-time certification issued by the highest responsible officer of the office/company of the PEZA enterprise’s representative/customs broker.

The certification should indicate that its office/company will be liable for the deferred payment of all Orders of Payment (OP) for the PEZA Import Cargo Processing Fee (ICPF) to be issued/sent by the PEZA JPCO’s special collecting officer via email to its authorized employee.

After the JPCO receives the certification, the authorized representative/customs broker identified in the certification may submit online the application for eIP validation.

The following are the official email accounts of the PEZA JPCOs:

Every application for online eIP validation should consist of a scanned copy of each of the following: PEZA eIP with barcode; corresponding invoice; and front page of the corresponding TSAD.

After BOC JPCO approves the TSAD with validated PEZA eIP/s favorably endorsed to it by PEZA JPCO, the PEZA enterprise’s authorized representative/customs broker should present the TSAD/s approved by BOC JPCO in accordance with BOC procedures, together with copy of the validated eIP/s, to BOC’s designated warehouse at the port, for BOC’s release of the corresponding shipment.

For import shipments at POM and MICT, the PEZA requirement to affix the seal to the containerized cargo prior to release from the port is temporarily suspended until the PEZA JPCO personnel have physically reported for work at the PEZA JPCO port office upon the lifting of the ECQ.

This is provided, however, that the corresponding shipping seal should remain intact/not compromised/untampered with up to the final ecozone destination of the containerized shipment.

The PEZA zone office will check the state of the shipping seal on all containerized import shipments upon their arrival at the zone.

A containerized import shipment found with compromised, broken, or tampered shipping seal will be detained for a 100% examination by PEZA/BOC personnel assigned at the zone, and any discrepancies found will be subject to the applicable penalties.

As an option, under the ECQ, examination can be conducted virtually by the zone manager/zone personnel.

Within seven days from the lifting of the ECQ in Luzon, the PEZA enterprise’s authorized representative/customs broker should present to the PEZA JPCO all OPs received under MC 2020-0019 and pay the ICPF.

The corresponding PEZA official receipt will be issued by the PEZA JPCO. – Roumina Pablo